Verse Of The Day

Whoever loves pleasure will be a poor man; he who loves wine and oil will not be rich. (Proverbs 21:17, ESV)

1 Samuel 7:12: ... "Up to this point the Lord has helped us!".

Eric Emmanuel

01/11/11 –Ps John Loh

He is an Associate Minister of Harvest Christian Centre and has been involved in Ministry for 30years of which 20years was spent in pastoral ministry of churches and teaching in Bible Schools and the last 10years in the marketplace ministry teaching & equipping believers for Kingdom works.Currently, he is a Director of a development company in Penang and an agro business company in KL.

25/10/11 – Bishop Harry Westcott (Australia)

He leads Vision Ministries which is part of International Communion of Charismatic Churches represented by 5000 ministries with over 240 Bishops over 6 Continents. They fulfill a God-given mandate to give hope for hurting healers, bruised believers, destitute disciples, wounded warriors & crushed champions for Jesus, all happening in a 90 acre Manre Farm in New South Wales.

18/10/11 – Bro Eddy Yong

A businessman raised up in a staunch Buddhist family and former founder of Buddhist temple, Gombak for the last 29years he finally accepted Christ on Vesak Day on 17 May 2011. He is fervently sharing testimonies and winning souls including his whole family.He worships in Glad Tidings church, PJ

11/10/11 – Ps Dennis Balcombe (USA)

Since accepting Christ in 1961,he felt a strong calling to minister in China.This vision materialized in 1967 whilst in HK during the Cultural Revolution, he learned Cantonese in 8 mths and started Revival Christian Church which has grown from 100 after 2 yrs to 1000 todate and have clocked 700 trips to China teaching house church leaders besides church planting and outreaches.

04/10/11 – Prof Dr Chandrakumar Manickam (India)

VP of International Graduate School of Ministry,USA he is a freelance writer for international magazines and authored 7 biblical books.He speaks in radio/TV and print media over 300 cities in 72 nations on socio-spiritual awakening affecting each strata of society.He obtained his Doctorate in USA in comparative religion and is an accomplished motivational speaker.

27/09/11 – Bro Raymond Phang

A Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in the insurance industry, he is now Consultant for insurance solutions. Since accepting the Lord in 2000 he devotes time in prison ministry focusing on rehabilitation of drug addicts. He is also itinerant speaker to various churches and has been President of D’sara Intan Chapter since 2008.He worships in Full Gospel Tabernacle, Subang

20/09/11 – Dr Guy Peh (USA)

A missionary evangelist and a dynamic preacher,teacher & author, he has a Doctorate of Divinity in Theology. Gifted in faith & miracles he has prayed for the dead and seen them come back alive(medically documented). Documented healings include HIV/Aids. diabetes,asthma,hearing,eyesight etc.He carries a strong anointing in discerning of spirits & spiritual warfare and has ministered to more than 60 nations.

13/09/11–Rev Peter Young

Co-founder of M’sian Care Interserve and Dignitary&Services&United Voice, an advocacy group for learning disabilities, he is now retired as Overseas Missionary Fellowship,St. Gabriel School Teacher, Director of Scripture Union and Pastor of Anglican Churches. He authored “Micah Mandate” which was just recently launched.

06/09/11– Ps George Mateos(Philippines)

As Founder & Sr Pastor of New Life In Christ Church, he has 24 years of ministry references in evangelism, training, teaching & preaching in schools & marketplace in coastal areas of  Philippines.Burdened for his fellow countrymen overseas, he has started a church in Malaysia for the last 5 years.

25/01/11 – Dr Keith Jenkins(UK)

An Engineering Geologist by profession, he accepted Christ at age 18. From a traditional Methodist upbringing, he attended Free Evangelical, Anglican, Pentecostal & Charismatic Churches and shares his personal experience on how to hear the Lord’s voice clearly. He travels to 50 nations yearly including East & West Africa to minister the Gospel. Currently he is the International Coordinator of Servants of the Lord Ministries. He was former Treasurer of FGBMFI, Derby Chapter, England.


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