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Whoever loves pleasure will be a poor man; he who loves wine and oil will not be rich. (Proverbs 21:17, ESV)

1 Samuel 7:12: ... "Up to this point the Lord has helped us!".

Lost And Found

On 14/4/08, the time was 6.00 pm and it was such a busy day at the clinic. Tired and weary, I made my way to my white Kancil car, parked at a parking bay outside a condominium, in Brickfields. As I was about to cross the road to collect my car, I paused. Suddenly I asked myself, ‘Did I park my car there or have I park somewhere else?’ It took me a minute before I realized my car was missing. My whole being was in an alert mode. My eyes darted left and right at the single horizontal parking bays and none of the cars looked familiar. Wait! I recalled I talked to a friend that morning, after I parked the car. I ran to look for him, who was a security guard in a nearby school. He confirmed that he saw the car when he met me in the morning. The immediate action was to ring up one of my brothers for his advice. After that I made a call to a sister from my church, to covet her prayers. As I was thinking what to do next, whole and behold, a friend of mine came by and stopped his jeep and wanted to offer me a lift. I related to him what happened to my car, and requested that he took me straight to the Brickfields Police Station. So far I didn’t panic but my heart sank, as I sat in my friend’s car. He said that my car will be dismantled and sold as spare parts. There wasn’t any way to recover the car. My car, my poor car! By the time the police report was made, I was practically exhausted and hungry. What an evening indeed! Next morning, about 8.25am I went to work and shared my loss to my colleagues, but one of them wasn’t around. Later, she came back from the Post Office and I related to her what happened yesterday. All of the sudden, she raised her voice and exclaimed, ‘No! I saw your car parked outside the Post Office.’ Without further ado, both of us dashed out of the clinic, as though we were running a hundred metre race, to the place where she spotted my car. True enough it was there. MY CAR WAS FOUND! PRAISE THE LORD! Everything was intact except that the steering lock was removed, and was placed properly on the floor next to the driver’s seat. The sun screen was removed and neatly packed in the bag. The doors were locked. There was so much excitement in the clinic the whole day. Doctor said, ”It’s a miracle!” When my church received news of my loss, prayers were lifted right away to the throne of grace, and when it was found, the whole church rejoiced with me. My family rejoiced with me. The friend who gave me a lift, said, “It’s a miracle!”. He is a non-Christian. It was so timely that he was there at that moment of need. A number of times, I shared with him about God, yet he has his doubts. I believe God wanted him to witness a miracle. Of all days, my colleague had chosen that day to pay her bills at the Post Office. Usually after paying the bills, she would make a quick exit and head straight to the clinic. But strangely, that morning she made a quick glance at the cars parked opposite. That’s how she saw my car. My doctor was so concerned. In order to prevent such a reoccurrence of loss, she requested that I parked it in an enclosed car park and gave me a monthly allowance for the parking fees. My 2nd brother who was a non-Christen sent a phone message to me and said, ’Thank God.’ My car was lost and was found by His grace and mercy. What the enemy meant evil; the Lord turned it into a number of blessings beyond my understanding. What an amazing God you and I have!

Shofar Yong (Living Springs Church, KL)

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